The Basics: Introduction

When a tree has its roots in contact with the source of its nourishment, it is in harmony with its own nature and, as a consequence, it is a beneficial presence in nature. What is our essential nature? If we were ego-persons, then ego gratification would make us healthy because then we would be true to our essential nature. But we see that ego gratification does not make anyone healthy; it makes us sick. So, there must be something wrong with this idea.

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Questions? Doubts?

Here is a simple idea to discern what is good and healthy vs what is not:

Any idea, or system of values, or religious system, anything that impinges on individual existence, can validate itself or disqualify itself by its consequences for the health and fulfillment of the individual. . .

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At the Core of Addiction is a Spiritual Longing

One core thought at the root of addiction is the urge for liberation, freedom and joy. This urge is from the soul, the depth of being. Confronted with the cultural, educational, familial ways of life that are often dismissive of this spiritual longing or relegate it to meaningless rituals and rules, the opportunity to escape to a "high" is welcome relief.

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The Study of Metapsychiatry

The issue is expanding awareness. Sometimes people who come for individual sessions say, ‘Do you want me to accept this?” Or they say, ‘You want me to believe in God?” I say, “God forbid!” We have to explain that there is nothing to accept and there is nothing to believe. This is of no value whatsoever. As a matter of fact, it interferes with the unfoldment of awareness.

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Healing that "Funky" Feeling

Just a little funk. A moment of downness and unhappiness, with the repeating question “what to do next?” There is a search for distraction through routine, obligations, or entertainment. And yet, anything that occurs to me that needs to be done or could be done is coated in burdensomeness and resistance.

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In Search of the Holidays

The fact we are unhappy when we attempt to be “happy” by partaking in “happy holiday festivities” points to our mental health. Within our awareness is the uncomfortable realization that we are participating in a fantasy.

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The End of Intuition: Unsolvable Problems

The path of intuition has an end. Like the runway that allows the airplane to build up enough speed to take flight, intuition speeds perception to a point where we are lifted beyond the limits of the road. There is a point of awareness when the end of intuition is recognized – where intuitive insights have completed their job.

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A Glimpse of the Eternal

In every life there will be at least one moment when ongoing grind of daily life blinks - revealing the timeless harmony of existence. In that moment a glimpse of true being is revealed; without words, without action, without description. Those who know this moment recognize it always, even in these clumsy words.

When the moment passes and ordinary life faces us again, our thirst is both quenched and heightened. The reality of completeness is complete, and, at the same moment, it has disappeared behind the open-mouthed monster mind on the search for something to have or someone to be.

After the glimpse, everything in the ordinary world is tainted with the recognition that it is a sham – a poor second to the glorious ever-present, yet ungraspable truth.

The bottomless pit of wanting is confronted by the infinite wholeness of being.

Albert Einstein described such a moment as “the religious paradise of youth,” as he recalled the recognition of universal harmony when he was first introduced to Hebrew teachings. As a young man, he wrote simple hymns he sang and prayed to himself while walking to school.

When introduced to geometry in math class, his view of God was challenged. While he did outgrow religious ideas, it seems to me that he was fueled by his naïve recognition of universal harmony to search for a mathematical and scientific language to understand it.

All of us are on the same quest through a unique route. For some the original “glimpse” may have been overshadowed by the traumas and tribulations of early life or possibly smothered in comfort and indulgence. Like looking for lost keys that “we know were left somewhere around here,” universal harmony seems lost just beneath the daily relentless routine.

Universal harmony cannot be lost – it is impossible – but our attention can get focused in other directions. And, as when looking for lost keys, the more agitated and anxious we get about finding them, or universal harmony, the harder it is to find.

Is it possible to find something that isn’t really lost? For that matter, is it possible to lose something that is ever-present?

Perhaps when Albert Einstein was singing his hymns to God someone else was thinking that he was wasting his time.

It reminds me of one of my daughters screaming: “Mom! I can’t find my sweater. . .” or whatever. Within 30 seconds of my coming into the room the “sweater” magically appeared – on the bed, under the bag, or on the floor of the closet. It became a joke as it occurred every time.

It wasn’t that something was lost – it was that she, or you or I, can’t see what is there when our minds are cluttered.


To study means “to learn.” Before one can begin to understand Metapsychiatry one needs to expose themselves to the ideas of Metapsychiatry.  Here are the options to get started:

-Read the books and booklets: Two good booklets to begin with are: The Sounless Music of Life and Forgiveness – but if you are drawn to another booklet or book, by all means, begin there.

-Listen to audio recordings of classes and dialogues with Dr. Hora: The first three on the home page of Audio Recordings cover some of the core ideas of Metapsychiatry.

-Watch the video recording of Dr. Hora and the 60 minute documentary on Metapsychiatry.

If after being exposed to the ideas you are drawn to hear, read and see more – this study may be just right for you.  If you are drawn and have questions or concerns – make an appointment with a Metapsychiatry Counselor to see if your questions and concerns can be answered. 

For more on the process of understanding read more here. . .

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