The Basics: Introduction

Our Essential Nature and The Purpose of Metapsychiatry

When a tree has its roots in contact with the source of its nourishment, it is in harmony with its own nature and, as a consequence, it is a beneficial presence in nature. What is our essential nature? If we were ego-persons, then ego gratification would make us healthy because then we would be true to our essential nature. But we see that ego gratification does not make anyone healthy; it makes us sick. So, there must be something wrong with this idea. But being a useful, beneficial presence in the world makes us healthy, and vice versa: A healthy individual is a beneficial presence in the world. Goodness naturally manifests through a healthy individual, which points to a different basic nature of human existence. In seeking existential fulfillment, we are concerned with being true to our essential nature, fulfilling our mission and purpose in life.

Isn’t it surprising to consider this “outrageous” idea that our essential nature is goodness? When we look around in the world, how much goodness do we see? Of course, if we know how to look, we shall see. It is really something very encouraging to discover that our essential nature is goodness, intelligence, beneficence, usefulness, love, harmony, beauty, freedom, power, and joy. Have you ever seen such an individual? How few people are really true to their essential nature. Isn’t it strange? As a matter of fact, our essential nature is so rare, so obscured by distortions, that it comes as a surprise to hear someone say that this is what we really are. (1)

This is the primary interest of Metapsychiatry: to come to understand under what conditions we can be healthy. So we are not asking, What’s wrong? but, What constitutes healthy life? It stands to reason that if we could understand the condition under which a healthy individual can be found, this knowledge might prove to be extremely helpful and practical. We do not propose to change people; we seek to help them realize the perfection which underlies their essential being.(2)

We understand ourselves to be spiritual beings, capable of reflecting the consciousness of cosmic Love-Intelligence. Love-Intelligence is the harmonizing principle of the universe.

The source of intelligence is not within us. We are manifestations of inspired wisdom. We are spiritual beings, and our intelligence, our love, and our vitality have a transcendent derivation. We can, therefore, achieve the optimum realization of our potentialities, optimum fulfillment, through cultivating spiritual consciousness. (3)

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Note: All the texts in this series are edited directly from the works of Dr. Hora.The language has been modernized and all biblical references have been removed. The intention is to let the essence of the wisdom shine through to current seekers of wisdom.