"TheMetaView.com" looks at current issues from an enlightened perspective. Instead of asking common questions such as: What's wrong? Who's to blame? What should we do about it? The MetaView asks: What is the meaning of what is happening?** What is the issue? What is needed?  What can we learn about what really works and what does not work? The MetaView perspective continually seeks healing through understanding. The mission of the MetaView is to bring the ideas of Metapsychiatry to anyone interested in a more enlightened approach to understanding current events and to articulate some of the good ideas that have come out of Metapsychiatry as they apply to global, cultural and individual issues.

The MetaView comes directly from my studies of Metapsychiatry. Metapsychiatry is a spiritual teaching based on the work of Dr. Thomas Hora (1914-1995). More information on Metapsychiatry and Dr. Hora is available at www.pagl.org

The ideas expressed here on The MetaView blog are purely my digestion of Metapsychiatry, and are not endorsed by the PAGL Foundation, or by any other student of Metapsychiatry.

This blog is written for both students of Metapsychiatry, and others who may be interested in looking for healing approaches to current issues. All readers are invited to respond and ask questions.

**In Metapsychiatry a distinction is made between asking "why?" something is and asking "what is the meaning?" Asking "why" is looking for a cause and this leads to finding excuses and something or someone to blame.

Metapsychiatry suggests that it is more useful to ask "what is the meaning?" The "meaning" is the mental equivalent of an experience, symptom, or feeling. For example, to ask "why did the apple fall from the tree," leads to discovering some cause, such as "the wind," "ripeness of the fruit," or "the shaking of the tree," but these reasons do not lead to a larger understanding. To ask "what is the meaning of the apple falling from the tree?" leads to the answer - "there is a force we call gravity." The "meaning" of the falling apple allows for a larger understanding of a physical law that can be applied to many situations.

This applies to every experience in our lives. Everything has a "meaning." In other words, everything is expressing something and revealing the true nature of existence.