PAGL is an acronym for Peace, Assurance, Gratitude and Love. It's pronounced: PAY-gul. Peace, Assurance Gratitude and Love are qualities of existence. When there is awareness of the presence of these qualities we know that whatever decision, choice or activity we are contemplating is in harmony with the whole of existence itself.

In every individual life there are moments when the normal routine of thinking and doing is transcended. These moments have been called: “Aha” “Insight” “Bliss” “Enlightenment” “Near Death Experiences,” “God realization” “Intuition” and “Inspiration.” In these moments the transcendent spiritual reality is glimpsed. This is what is referred to as PAGL. It is not something new, it is a new word pointing out an aspect of existence that is good and useful for us to be aware of.

Insight and inspiration are not random events. They are the "language" the whole of existence uses to reveal inspired ideas to human consciousness. There are many qualities that could be added to the acronym PAGL: Peace, Assurance, Gratitude, Love, Inspiration, Joy, Wisdom, Intelligence, and on and on. The acronym would become unuseful if all the qualities of the underlying spiritual reality were listed. So, we use a short symbolic word to help us recognize it and look for it.

Just as the canvas underneath a painting is not noticed by the viewer of art, without the canvas the painting would not be. PAGL, the substance of existence is not commonly noticed as it requires attentive receptivity to it. First we need to know that there is such a thing as PAGL awareness, then we will be able to recognize it when it occurs. 

At those moments when there is PAGL awareness, our individual existence is in harmony with the underlying harmony of the Universe. 

The PAGL Principle is a useful guide and criterion for discerning whether what we are thinking, doing or attempting is in harmony with the Whole of existence.

The PAGL Principle, is as follows: if an idea, concept, principle or value is in harmony with Divine Consciousness, it will validate itself in two ways:

- there will be a sense of peace, assurance, gratitude and love (PAGL) in consciousness

- it will bear “good fruit” and be the perfect solution to the situation or issue. It will liberate from confusion, heal problems, harmonize situations, uplift and inspire.

Both criteria are necessary.

Any idea, concept, principle or value that validates itself according to this criteria, is reliable, as it has validated itself through demonstrating harmony with the order of existence.

The presence of PAGL is the indication that we are heading in the right direction. The presence of difficulties indicates that we are heading in the wrong direction. Therefore we can say: “Do not make a move without PAGL.”

The PAGL Principle is a benchmark that can tell us whether or not we are on the right track on any issue in life, or whether we are just deceiving ourselves.