Healing Holiday Confusion

At Christmas time and other holidays, families come together and the members make a supreme effort to express love toward each other. They try to do it and the result is that after these holidays people tend to run into various problems (such as colds, flu, sadness, exhaustion, etc.) .

Around the issue of love there is a great deal of confusion stemming from the operational bias with which we view life. We cannot get love. We cannot make love. We cannot give love. If we try, we turn out to be inauthentic, consciously or unconsciously.

Love can only be realized. What does it mean to realize something? It means to become conscious of the reality of something. When we realize love, we discover that love really is, and that which is does not have to be produced since it already is. And when we are conscious of what really is, then that which really is becomes manifest in our experience. We say: Love expresses itself through man. We become aware of it by the quality of our presence. Such presence has a healing, harmonizing, enlightening impact on whatever situation we happen to be participating in.

-Dr. Hora