Questions? Doubts?

Here is a simple idea to discern what is good and healthy vs what is not in any situation:

Any idea, or system of values, or religious system, anything that impinges on individual existence, can validate itself or disqualify itself by its consequences for the health and fulfillment of the individual. . . If it is life enhancing, health promoting, increasing the capacity for love, wisdom, and beneficence of the individual, if it makes it possible for an individual to realize his inner potential, if it brings one into greater harmony with the Fundamental Order of Existence, it is valid.

If it has a disruptive, pathogenic effect, it is not valid. This principle of existential validation liberates us from sectarianism and cultural isolation. It makes it possible to know what to consider seriously and appreciate and what can be dismissed out of hand. . . .If this marvelous principle were more universally understood, there would be no more intolerance or prejudice, xenophobia, fear, religious hostilities, or political strife. It would be a unifying principle.

-Dr. Hora

The above is known in Metapsychiatry as The Principle of Existential Validation. When applied it allows any individual or group of individuals to discern whether an idea, choice or direction is healthy and in harmony with existence or unhealthy and inharmonious. The capacity to evaluate ideas in this way requires a willingness to look beyond what is socially and politically acceptable; what is wanted and not wanted; what should be or shouldn't be - to what is a reflection of what really Is.