"Come, let us reason together"

Isaiah in chapter 1, verse 18 makes it sound so easy: “Come, let us reason together.” And, indeed, it may be easier than it looks. All it requires is sincere interest in what is really true, useful, and beneficial for all concerned. Dr. Hora helps us understand this in the following way:

In order to participate in the world as a beneficial presence it is also needed to understand what constitutes healthy communication. For there are many forms of communication, for instance: debating, discussing, arguing, persuading, negotiating, selling, contending, propagandizing, boasting, baiting, bullying, bickering, etc. A beneficial presence in the world practices the art of hermeneutic dialogue, which is a joint participation in a process of shedding light on the truth at hand. As the Bible puts it: “Come, let us reason together” (Isaiah 1:18). The Buddhists speak of “tathata” or “true suchness,” which could also be called issue-oriented communication, or Truth-centered living.

-Dr. Hora; Beyond The Dream 19: The Curtain of Fear