Work as Spiritual Opportunity: part 2 Harmonious Prospering

. . .Our ability and willingness to be useful and helpful in business or employment determines the prospering of it. Should we experience insufficient income or a slowdown in our business, we need to improve our ability to be helpful.

We need to understand the meaning of this seeming lack or slowdown and find ways of becoming more effective. The understanding of the meaning of this is only the first step; we have to recommit ourselves to manifesting spiritual qualities and values and sincerely desire to be here for God. When this becomes our first priority, everything else that may be needed will appear.

-Dr. Hora

Any "slow down" or "downturn" is meaningful.  Blaming will not help. We are not the "cause" of our slow down. There is nothing "bad" about us. The slow down is actually saying there is something good about us that needs to be more fully realized. Each individual is the only one who can wake up to the living potential available to be realized. 

-Nancy's comments