The Study of Metapsychiatry

In Metapsychiatry we begin with the fact that we are aware and that we are aware that we are aware. 

Dr. Hora: The issue is expanding awareness. Sometimes people who come for individual sessions say, ‘Do you want me to accept this?” Or they say, ‘You want me to believe in God?” I say, “God forbid!” We have to explain that there is nothing to accept and there is nothing to believe. This is of no value whatsoever. As a matter of fact, it interferes with the unfoldment of awareness.

Whenever someone studies Metapsychiatry, it is important for him to know what the issue is. The issue is seeing – nothing else – seeing more and more of divine Reality. Then there will be no time wasted on foolish preoccupations and fantasies about what we are doing. We are not changing anyone. We are not asking anyone to agree with us or disagree, or accept or reject, or believe or disbelieve. None of these foolish things enter into the study of Metapsychiatry.

Student: What can help us keep focused? I am thinking when you are involved in daily living, the human need to be successful and have goals seems so great. What can help us with the focus that seeing is really needed?

Dr. Hora: If we begin to be interested in seeing more and more of divine Reality, we will discover that our life becomes more harmonious. We become more effective and efficient. Everything is more effortless and simplified because a lot of the nonsense has fallen away from our consciousness and we function in more intelligent ways.