Maturing vs Aging

The word “maturing” is an attempt at describing a progressive development of consciousness, moving in the direction of ever-clearer discernment of nondimensional Reality: toward the light of enlightenment.

-Dr. Hora: "Self Transcendence"

“Maturing” is commonly thought of in years, social skills, physical, intellectual and sexual development. These are symbolic manifestations of spiritual maturation.  As we mature in a healthy way all of these aspects of our ‘personhood’ grow from self-centeredness to whole-centeredness in intelligence, love, compassion, gratitude and creativity with an ever-increasing capacity for happiness.

Aging is the accumulation of unresolved grievances.

-Dr. Hora

Bodies and minds break down under the heaviness of the mental and emotional burden of holding grudges. It's been said that "the body cannot lie." This statement is pointing to the fact that the physical is mental. Every body reveals the mental climate each individual is existing within.

We need to be educated to face and transcend the many grievances accumulated over a lifetime. With humility, compassion and a willingness to be embarrassed by what we've held onto, often unknowingly, for many years, it is possible to release what had seemed unforgivable.