Transcending Discord

. . . if we have the right idea of what abundance is and what its source is, we will never lack an opportunity for being useful and helpful. But if we are ignorant of this fact and feel deprived or sorry for ourselves, we have closed the floodgates of the good which God is generously pouring out continuously. So what is needed is an increased awareness of the good of God as already present, an interest in it, appreciation of it and receptivity to it. 

Our immediate environment and the world at large are by-products of interaction thinking. An individual who is in the habit of thinking in terms of interaction is a victim of a constricted outlook on life. Metapsychiatry teaches us to expand our mental horizon and see life in the context of God, which is infinite.

. . .If we happen to work in a discordant, interactive environment, we have to be able to discern the thoughts which contribute to and determine the mental climate of that environment. If we are able to pinpoint it in terms of thought, we can heal it by bringing the meaning of that thought into juxtaposition with the truth, or the spiritual counterfact. Through the discernment of the meaning, we gain the right perspective on the environment and our place in it. Being a beneficial presence in the world implies that we have transcended the narrow, personal perspective on life with its limitations of good, and that our horizon has expanded into infinity. 

-Dr. Hora