In Search of the Holidays

Much of what sparkles as “holiday spirit” are fantasies springing from nostalgic longings. Yet, beneath the surface of the satin sheen is a real moment. Singing, decorating, gathering with others and celebrating can be fun and beautiful, yet can also host uncomfortable, underside feelings of loneliness, depression and inadequacy.

Metapsychiatry tells us that while we have been taught to think that happy experiences will make us happy, this is not true.

The fact we are unhappy when we attempt to be “happy” by partaking in “happy holiday festivities” points to our mental health. Within our awareness is the uncomfortable realization that we are participating in a fantasy.

So, what is one to do? To partake in the fantasy leaves us with unhappiness, and to reject holiday spirit with a “bah, humbug” approach is also filled with unhappiness.

The truth is that partying, socializing and holiday celebrating cannot make us happy because happiness cannot be created. Goodness and happiness do not come from what we do or from what happens to us, but flows through us with the awareness of the wholeness that already is and of the living soul we already are.

Happiness is a quality of being we can become increasingly aware of.

Celebrating is something we experience. It will come and go, and be both good and bad.

Each day, each moment is a “holy day,” a real moment, when it is possible to awaken to the underlying reality that the fantasy is merely seeking to imitate.