Work as a Spiritual Opportunity; part 1



Most of us work to earn a living and that is a legitimate motivation. Beyond that, work needs to be regarded from a more spiritual perspective, namely, we have to scrutinize carefully what our motivation is. Are we using work for self-confirmatory purposes, or is our activity a manifestation of Divine Omniaction?  If we know we are here for God*, we will work intelligently, efficiently, effectively and effortlessly, and our work will truly be a response to manifest needs. The Metapsychiatric definition of work is: useful activity in response to manifest needs.

-Right Usefulness

For many, the activity of life we refer to as "work" whether raising children, working to make a living, managing investments, charity or volunteer work, occupies the main focus of our lives.  it is thus a prime place to apply spiritual principles and understanding. Instead of dividing our lives between recreation, work, spiritual prayer, family, etc., in Metapsychiatry we see all life experiences as opportunities to "be here for God," and thus opportunities to learn something that will increase our understanding and our capacity to be a beneficial presence in the world.  

-Nancy's comment

 . . .In a certain sense, looking for a job is a mistake. We are looking to be useful, to contribute. While it is intelligent to be concerned with what benefits we may derive from our employment, we must also be interested in what way we may benefit the company or institution we work for. When we understand we are here for God to manifest spiritual qualities, our real job is to be a beneficial presence wherever we may find ourselves. In the divine economy there is no unemployment.

-Right Usefulness

* In Metapsychiatry "God" is defined as Omniactive Love-Intelligence. To the extent we appreciate that the dynamic of benevolence is the underlying force of existence, and  we are individual expressions of it, we will be increasingly guided by spiritual values such as: integrity, intelligence, love, joyfulness, and inspired wisdom.