Are We Free?

Are we free, or are we enslaved?

Most people don’t realize that they are enslaved. It is so widespread that they think it is just natural to be paralyzed with fear. So the first thing is to know the difference between being enslaved and being free. Once we know that we can be enslaved when we could be free, then the question is, What is the next step?

. . . The first thing is, we have to cultivate the ability to be aware of what we are experi­encing in every situation. Once we are aware that we are experi­encing some kind of restrictive sense of being or some kind of rigidity or passivity, then we have to ask ourselves, “What is the meaning of my experience?” Then, if we sincerely want to know, it will be revealed that we are a victim of some kind of interac­tion process that is occurring on a subliminal level. There are certain mental forces around us that want us to be immobilized, fearful, or embarrassed, that want us to shut up and not have the freedom to participate. So once we become aware of the mean­ing of our experience, then there is a possibility of liberation. How does that happen?

Student: The invalid idea is exposed, and there is no place for it to hide—we recognize it.

Dr. Hora: Right, exactly, and then we can remember that God wants us to be free: it is the will of God that we express all our potentialities to their full extent—without worrying if someone will approve or not.

Student: That is the crucial moment, right there. We have this choice, but sometimes we fight it and think to ourselves, “They shouldn’t be thinking that.”

Dr. Hora: We do not blame—we just remind ourselves that it is the will of God that we have complete freedom of expression under all circumstances. At that moment, we go free!