To study means “to learn.” Before one can begin to understand Metapsychiatry one needs to expose themselves to the ideas of Metapsychiatry.  Here are the options to get started:

-Read the books and booklets: Two good booklets to begin with are: The Sounless Music of Life and Forgiveness – but if you are drawn to another booklet or book, by all means, begin there.

-Listen to audio recordings of classes and dialogues with Dr. Hora: The first three on the home page of Audio Recordings cover some of the core ideas of Metapsychiatry.

-Watch the video recording of Dr. Hora and the 60 minute documentary on Metapsychiatry.

If after being exposed to the ideas you are drawn to hear, read and see more – this study may be just right for you.  If you are drawn and have questions or concerns – make an appointment with a Metapsychiatry Counselor to see if your questions and concerns can be answered. 

For more on the process of understanding read more here. . .

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