First chapter of the documentary: The Blessings of Metapsychiatry where a brief history is presented as well as individual testimonies.
Chapter 2 of the Blessings of Metapsychiatry, a documentary on the spiritual teaching and method of healing.
Uploaded by Nancy Rosanoff on 2014-10-14.
Chapter 4 in the documentary on Metapsychiatry where God is understood as Divine Consciousness - beyond all religious contexts.
Chapter 5 of the documentary on Metapsychiatry where life's problems are understood as lessons for our edification.
Chapter 6 of the documentary on Metapsychiatry, a healing method and spiritual teaching.
PAGL is an acronym for Peace Assurance Gratitude and Love. It describes a quality of consciousness present under conditions of harmony with what really Is.
Chapter 8 of the documentary on Metapsychiatry. In this chapter the quality of receptivity is seen as essential to the healing process.
A joyful summary of the "Blessings of Metapsychiatry."
Dr. Thomas Hora answers the question: "Who Designs Our Problems?" in the only video material available of him speaking directly. It was filmed at a conference in 1986.
INTERVIEW WITH Mike Leach on Metapsychiatry

INTERVIEW WITH Mike Leach on Metapsychiatry

Nancy Rosanoff interviews author Carol Adrienne ( about how to find more purpose in meaning in life. Adrienne discusses how life changes to make us grow and develop in sometimes unexpected ways. She reminds of of the hero's journey as described by Joseph Campbell.