Healing that "Funky" Feeling

The tools of Metapsychiatry are the Two Intelligent Questions and the 3 R’s. One way to use them is to journal write through the awakening of consciousness as the tools guide the way. Here is an examples of how it has shed light one of my experiences.

  1. Just a little funk. A moment of downness and unhappiness, with the repeating question “what to do next?” There is a search for distraction through routine, obligations, or entertainment. And yet, anything that occurs to me that needs to be done or could be done is coated in burdensomeness and resistance.
  2. Awareness dawns: this is just a thought. Feelings are not reality, they are the emotional expression of a thought. What is the meaning of feeling "down?"  “Something is wrong," "I don't feel good," "I'm not OK."
  3. It takes a moment of inner stillness to go a little further to see that these thoughts are full of self-pity. I'm looking and longing for something or someone outside of myself to direct and affirm me.
  4. Once the thought is recognized it is immediately clear that it is invalid(not in harmony with what is really real) and there is relief. The "down" feeling is gone. I am not what I do, nor what I think or feel. It was a temporary coming and going of mental garbage.
  5.  "What is what really Is?" (the second intelligent question) opens awareness to the eternal view of life, where I am not a temporary person in need of bolstering up, but a place in the timeless now where inspired ideas are received. The space of consciousness is filled with regret, forgiving myself once again for dropping into mental garbage and yet grateful for the tools that lead the way out.
  6. The inner stillness reflects the Is that really Is: there is nobody here but Love-Intelligence.
  7. All the tasks are joyfully responded to one by one, by the nobody.