Who am I?

Infinite Love-Intelligence, the Metapsychiatric name for God, implies an infinite source of ideas. These ideas are not duplications of one another; they are unique in content and character.

We understand man to be a manifestation of this unique Mind. Therefore, every individual is unique and capable of manifesting this uniqueness in his or her individual way. Every individual is here to bear witness to God in a unique and individual way

God can also be spoken of as cosmic Consciousness. The quality of this infinite Love-Intelligence is consciousness and life itself. Cosmic Consciousness determines its infinite manifestations. Therefore, man is equipped with the capacity to be conscious. So, infinite cosmic Consciousness, which is the background, determines the foreground of an infinite variety of individualized consciousnesses. Man is a conscious expression of infinite Love-Intelligence. This is seeing man in the context of God.

-compiled from the writings of Dr. Hora