What is Spirituality?

What is “spiritual” is best understood next to it’s opposite: Material. “Material” refers to what is physical and can be perceived through sensory perception.  Spiritual refers to what is non-material. What is spiritual is perceived through awareness. This may sound mystical and non-sensical but it is actually very common and normal. Everyone has the capacity to see honesty, beauty, joy, intelligence, love and wisdom.  These are aspects of life that are not material yet they constitute the substance of what makes life meaningful and worth living. They are aspects of being that no one creates, yet when they are present life thrives. When they are absent, life suffers.  In Metapsychiatry we call them spiritual values and spiritual qualities and inspired ideas.  They are non-dimensional substance and they constitute our true nature.  In business and academic circles it is where Brilliant Ideas come from. In religious traditions it is known as the grace of God. In Metapsychiatry it is the eternal underlying force of existence that is the context of all life.

Spirituality is the interest in living a life based on spiritual substance.