Existential Validation in Everyday Life

"In what way does a certain idea contribute to the improvement of the quality of our lives? Does it heal us? Does it liberate us? Does it bring harmony into our lives? Does it contribute to a sense of peace, assurance? Does it fill us with a sense of gratitude? Does it inspire us with wisdom and love? Does it make it possible for us to find the answers we need to the problems of daily living? If what we are learning has this effect, then it must be existentially valid.

So there are criteria that help us to validate whatever we are learning. We do not have to take anybody's word for it, we do not have to believe what we hear, we do not have to agree with anything that is being said, and we do not have to accept anything. All that is needed is to consider the proposition and observe its effects, primarily on our own lives."

-Dr. Hora

Students are drawn to Metapsychiatry as they recognize the wisdom in the spiritual teaching, while other students are driven to it by a breakdown in their life. The study of Metapsychiatry is really a study of what is intelligent and loving in life and what is not. A student of Metapsychiatry is helped to become aware of the habits of thoughts, behaviors and feelings that are not working. At the same time they are provided with valid, loving and intelligent approaches that prove themselves as healthy and good through bringing harmony, inspiration and joy.