Is It Ever Good To Obey?

The word “obedience” tends to elicit negative reactions, because of the connotation of human tyranny and childhood coercive experiences. But the obedience we are talking about here refers to the willingness to listen to and to be governed by impartations of Divine Mind, coming to us moment by moment. “And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, ‘This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left’ ” (Isaiah 30:21).

In order to enhance our receptivity to inspired wisdom, it is desirable to start out the day by prayer and meditation. This must be continued until PAGL is reached. PAGL — meaning peace, assurance, gratitude, and love — is the Metapsychiatric equivalent of an enlightened, i.e. spiritualized, consciousness. With that state of consciousness we can look forward to the day with confidence.

The human consciousness could be compared to a delicate musical instrument that must be kept in perfect tune if right musicianship is the aim. And if at any point it gets out of tune, one must stop all activity and retune the instrument. If in the course of the day we find ourselves disturbed, or out of sorts, or insecure, it is best to withdraw into prayer and meditation until PAGL is reestablished.

A young lady reported the following: “My work consists of key punch operation, and all I know is how to put information into the terminal. I don’t understand the rest of the process at all. On several occasions I heard some inner voice speaking to me and urging me to ask about the correctness of the data before me. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but as it occurred repeatedly I started paying closer attention to it. It was like having an invisible supervisor talking to me. Later on, I started to hear this voice in consciousness in other areas of my life. And again, I was reluctant to pay attention to it. But later on I realized that this is a familiar experience and I began paying attention to it all the time, and thus I have come to know what inspired wisdom really is. I listen, I pay attention, I obey, and it helps me in every situation.”

Inspired wisdom is often referred to as intuition. This is but a conventional term for inspiration. However, most people tend to disregard it, preferring to rely more on calculative, rationalistic reasoning. Intuitive insights and inspired wisdom are often in conflict with rational reasoning. Intuitive, inspired wisdom tends to override superficial logic and calculative thinking. If we are obedient and know how to hear, we can make decisions that seemingly make no sense at all, yet prove to be supremely intelligent and ingenious.

-Dr. Hora