What comes first: Physical Symptoms or Fear?

Whenever we find ourselves facing some physical symptom or any other kind of problem, we can be sure that we are in a state of fear. Some would say that the fear is generated by the threat to our health, or to our peace, but that is not correct. It is exactly the other way around. The fear is primary and the sickness or a distressing situation is just an indication of the fact that we are in a state of fear because something is threatening our security system. This can be a person, or the dawning of a new idea that is threatening to invalidate an old idea, etc. There is no sickness or problem that is not based on an underlying fear of the collapse of a false system of security.

-Beyond the Dream, Session 17: Fail-Safe

The key word that stands out to me in this quote is “false.” When it is possible to recognize that the system, person or idea that we are relying on for security is “false,” it becomes possible to face it. If we really believed that our safety and security was at risk we would just hold on. For real security/safety it would, by definition, be immutable – based on something unfailing. Anything else will eventually collapse, so it is neither secure nor safe.