Grateful for Water

"While pessimists see the glass as half empty and optimists see the glass a half full, students of Metapsychiatry are grateful for water."

-Dr. Hora

Some see problems as a burden while others attack problems as a challenge. In Metapsychiatry problems are lessons designed for our edification.

Some see God as a false hope while others hope God will save them from themselves. In Metapsychiatry God is the omniactive harmonizing principle of the Universe.

It can neither save nor curse us. We can either live in harmony with what is true or not.

While God is seen as a judge and condemner or a “wait and seer,” in Metapsychiatry God is love: non-personal, non-conditional benevolence.

While some pray to God to heal them and others hope God will bless them with what they want, in Metapsychiatry we pray to realize our oneness with God, the wholeness of existence.

Some hope that there is a God while others are waiting for God to appear. In Metapsychaitry God already Is: God is never born, never dying; the non-dimensional underlying intentionality of good.