Does The Squeaky Wheel Get the Grease?

I grew up hearing my mother use this phrase often. She offered up many examples confirming it through her encounters with school administrators, health bureaucracies, etc. But, is it a guide to harmonious living? Is it a right idea? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that there are more and more “squeaky wheels” in the media and in politics. While they may or may not get the “grease” they sure seem to take up space while generating agitation.

Yet, if one doesn’t “squeak,” will needs be met?

When the overriding concern is “having my needs met,” whether it is stated loudly or silently, there will be conflict, agitation and frustration. The mental climate becomes a stage where the needs of one struggle to dominate, or subvert, the needs of another.

The healthy alternative is to see our selves not as independent people struggling against each other, but as individual expressions of an infinite larger whole. Do the leaves of the tree struggle with each other for resources?

The truth is that each unique leaf, engaged in being, is part of the health of the whole tree – with no drain on its individual wellbeing.

I can hear the question right now: “This sounds very nice, but, where is this infinite whole and where do we plug in to have our needs met?” “Has God ever sent me a check?”

The Infinite Whole is invisible to the eyes, ears and brain. Yet we can become aware of it. We cannot see harmony, intelligence, or honesty, yet we can be aware of their presence.

Just as the mental focus on “getting my needs met,” will manifest tension, conflict and frustration, the interest in wholeness, harmony, intelligence, benevolence, honesty and other spiritual qualities will manifest effortless harmonious living where all needs are met.

Fine Print: There is a “catch-22.” If one attempts to be interested in wholeness, harmony, etc. with the idea that then their needs will be met – it won’t work. As the bible says: “God will not be mocked.” The Infinite Whole is a Truth system – only when there is complete recognition and appreciation for the truth that we are here to “be” what already is, not to “get,” what we do not have, will we open to the true blessings of existence.