Finding a New Home

The lease for the house I was living in was coming to an end and another place was needed. Feeling the pressure of having to move by a certain date, I began looking often, some might say “obsessively,” at real estate web sites and visiting potential places. I found myself attempting to “fit in” to each possibility with phrases like ”I could live here if I had to,” “ I could make this work.” But there was no relief, the tension continued to grow. None of the places I saw were right. Finally after enough emotional and mental grind, I turned to the first intelligent question. “What is the meaning of this experience of pressure and grind?” I saw my involvement with wanting to relieve the tension of uncertainty, just have the decision made – even if it was not the right decision.

Did I really want to settle for a situation less than good? No. It occurred to me that “deadline” pressure is a form of ambition. It is suggested in Metapsychiatry that ambition is a mode of being in the world where one identifies the good of life with achieving something in the future. In this case, having a place to move to became the focus of the ambitious tendency already present in my consciousness.

Thank God for Metapsychiatry and the gift of having the tools to guide the healing transformation. Instead of being trapped in the duality of fear and ambition there was a way out – the two intelligent questions, along with healing concepts about time and transformation.

With prayer and the second intelligent question, “what is what really is?” the peace of true certainty in the intelligence, responsiveness and yes, timing, of God, was realized. In becoming more interested in living in the context of God I floated just above the urgency to find a place. There were moments when I seemed to drop into the fearful grind, but salvation was available and lifted me into the land of PAGL.

Within a week, the right place emerged in an unexpected, seemingly miraculous way. I became awed once again by the truth that when we stop attempting to force a plan what really “Is” will amaze us.

Even more valuable than the harmonious flow of events is the assurance of how Good unfolds and the establishment in my consciousness of what really Is. For this there is infinite gratitude.

What is the spiritual counter-fact of time? Unfolding. Only Good can unfold. Everything else is an attempt to make something happen. “Time,” as past, present and future, is a human perception. God has the quality of Perfect Timing.

The words we think and speak flow from the content of consciousness. To pay attention to the words we use and reflect on what they mean is a transformative tool of the method of Metapsychiatry. It is the ladder of awareness we use to climb out of any pain, disturbance, fear or unhappiness. Take the expression “time heals all wounds.” This is only true to the extent that it points us in the direction to stop dwelling on pain and let God and the light of truth into the situation. Time itself, is not a healing solvent.

We learn the healing concepts of Metapsychiatry through careful use of words. It works, yet, at first, it can seem like we’re parroting these phrases ritualistically. It reminds me of learning to play a stringed instrument. At the beginning, those who live with the new string player are exposed to less than harmonious sounds as the student struggles to develop their ear/hand coordination.

We can all be grateful to those who have been the “audience” for our non-harmonious sounds as we develop our attunement/receptivity capacity.

The recent events around the move to my new home have instilled an internal alarm to Wake Up when “time” bound phrases and words are uttered like, “this will take some time,” “are we there yet?” or “when is this going to happen?” It is a more firmly established cue to recognize the invalid thought, then regret and reorient to the continuous unfolding of good that reveals itself whenever there is a moment of receptivity.

It’s not time that heals – it’s receptivity. It doesn’t take time for transformation to take place – it takes sincere seeking and understanding.