Does God have Dimensions?

Most people immediately can see that God has no dimensions—God is infinite presence. Now if God has no dimensions how can the image and likeness of God have dimensions? So this is sort of a koan.  God is non-dimensional, but the image and likeness of God seems to be dimensional. Well, this is mind-boggling, is it not?

If you give it some thought in meditation you will come to realize that you too are non-dimensional.

Even while we are still seemingly in the body, we can already know that we are non-dimensional entities of Love-Intelligence, and we have the faculty of awareness which is not a function of the brain but of the soul. It is the soul which is aware.

The physical dimensional appearance of an individual is needed for the fulfillment of ones mission in life, namely, the full realization of Christhood (Enlightenment). We need the dimensional appearance to have it in juxtaposition of spiritual reality. Just like we need darkness in order to be able to understand light.

So there is a transition in process. With the help of dimensionality we are helped to realize non-dimensional identity. So we walk around in this world as physical forms and material bodies, and dimensional beings in a dimensional material world and yet, we can reach a point where we understand that this is just phenomenal.

Reality is non-dimensional. We arrived at the insight by asking a simple question: what are the dimensions of God?

Without dimensionality it would be absolutely impossible to conceive of anything non-dimensional. Right?

That is what reality is because everything dimensional is an appearance, it is a phenomenon. It is thought appearing as form.

-Dr. Hora

-PAGL Newsletter 1989 January

 "Holidays" ritualize the need to see what is "holy" and "wholy" beyond the appearance of how things seem to be day-to-day. Our capacity to discern the Real from the unreal makes every day a "Holi-day" and every individual a living soul in the process of becoming aware of Itself.