God is an Is system

There is a saying, “Laws are made to be broken.” But if we understand God as an “Is system,” it will make no sense at all to violate it. For instance, if we know that gravitation is, it is clear that no one in his right mind would want to challenge it by jumping out of the window. But suppose the law of gravitation would depend on a person. Then one would be tempted to try to circumvent it.

In Metapsychiatry we speak of theistic existentialism, which means a God-centered view of Reality. If we understand God as a Life Principle, then there is no one to reward us or punish us. There is only being in harmony with the Principle and thus prospering, or being out of step with it and suffering the consequences.

We like to speak of God not only as Life Principle but also as Love-Intelligence. Love and intelligence cannot be separated. There is no such thing as unintelligent love. Unintelligent love is not love. It is just ignorance. Love is intelligent, creative, life-enhancing, all-knowing, all-powerful, and omniactive. All these adjectives help us to gain a more precise understanding of God which is not a person but a power, a Reality, an “Is.”

-Beyond The Dream: Evil

"There is no one to reward us or punish us." This statement places the possibility of a joyful life, in harmony with others, right in our hands. What is needed is an openness to the Life Principle. The more we appreciate it, understand it and  let it guide us, the more available we are to living a good, happy, fruitful life.  On the other hand we are free to suffer.  We are not to blame for this, as there is much miseducation, misdirection and misunderstanding around the world.  

The purpose of our lives is to "come to know the truth of who and what we really are." It's not to "be born knowing the truth," or to "get it by a certain age." It's waking-up little by little, bit by bit to the values, qualities of being and truthful ideas that are the substance of the Principle of Life.