The Folly of Seriousness

One of the most insidious forms of mental enslavement is the mesmerism of seriousness. It is insidious because it claims respectability. If we unmask seriousness, we find that it is a form of intimidation. Once we realize that seriousness is a pretense and we repudiate it, we may discover joy. Joy is a basic quality of the living Soul. We must constantly be on guard against being seduced into taking seriousness seriously.

-Dr. Hora

It’s possible to get “serious” about the seriousness of others:  “Who do they think they are? Are they trying to intimidate me!!??” But pretense is pretense and it only furthers the wall of intimidation to react to “seriousness” seriously. Recognizing seriousness for what it is - an attempt to bully - makes it possible for joy, lightheartedness, humor and mental freedom to remain present. Someone is just talking - attempting to get their way.  Is there merit in their view or not? It is possible to respond to the issue without getting caught in the dynamic of seriousness.


People often say that important issues deserve to be treated seriously. Important issues deserve our careful attention, alertness, and intelligence. If we are sufficiently enlightened to refuse to be mesmerized by the claims of seriousness and constantly turn our attention towards joy and love, we will be beneficial presences in the world and a blessing to others around us. By understanding how to gain immunity from this widespread mental poison, we become liberated from its effects and not only are we protected, but we are also a protection to others.

-Dr. Hora