“Letting-be” is an existential term.  It originated in Taoism. Letting-be actually means: reverent, loving responsiveness to that which is from moment to moment.  It is a highly constructive, supremely spiritual attitude toward all life forms, not unlike Albert Schweitzer’s reverence for life. Essentially, it is the stance of the Metapsychiatric therapist. Letting-be is a most enlightened form of love, but it must not be confused with leaving alone, which is neglect.

-Beyond the Dream: session 5: Shouldlessness

“Let it be,” is a very common phrase as the Beatles sing: “Let it Be, Let it Be, Let it Be.” Yet I’m awestruck by the clear precision that makes it possible to actually live what it means to “let be.”  Be reverent, loving and responsive to that which is from moment to moment.” Knowing the definition makes it possible to recognize when I’m not “letting be” and it gives me a concept to turn to that, with contemplation, prayer and practice becomes more and more available – moment by moment, as I let myself be.