What is Existential Metapsychiatry?

Metapsychiatry is a method of healing and a spiritual teaching. The healing method is based on the premise that we are more than what we appear to be and that we suffer from being ignorant of our true nature. The spiritual teaching of Metapsychiatry is a set of ideas about who and what we really are.

"It is very important to make clear to people that Metapsychiatry is not a belief system. Anyone who comes to us is not required to believe anything, nor is he required to agree with anything or to disagree or accept or like it or not like it. It helps to clearly define to people what Metapsychiatry really is. It is a method of coming to understand Reality. That’s all there is to it." 

-Dr. Hora

What is Existentialism?

"Existentialism is a philosophical inquiry into the nature of human existence and the context in which it manifests itself. Existential philosophy asks: What is man? What is life, and what are the laws that govern it? What is its meaning and purpose? What is real; what is unreal? What is truth, health, evil, disease, death? 

The term “existential” is used to connote whatever deals with the above issues. Existential Metapsychiatry is an endeavor to help individuals and groups attain greater conscious harmony with the fundamental order of existence."  


"We do not propose to change people; we just help them realize the perfection that underlies their essential being."  - Dr. Hora