Spiritual Healing for Life Situations

When facing difficulties in our jobs, finances, health and families we are experiencing a life that seems to be the exact opposite of what we’ve worked hard to achieve: security, happiness, safety, and health.  How might a spiritual approach make any difference in circumstances that seem to come from a hard and hostile world?

The spiritual approach begins with the recognition that whatever problems we are experiencing are meaningful. They are expressing something about the way we are living our life that needs to be examined. They are not random nor are they inevitable.  As we begin to see the meaning of the situation the "problem" becomes less of a problem and eventually may dissolve altogether. 

From the spiritual view we are never suffering from what is actually happening. We are suffering from our reaction to it.  Take frustrations that occur while driving a vehicle as a simple example: When traffic is slow or perhaps even completely blocked, the frustration a driver experiences is due to the fact that they are thwarted in their desire to get to their destination. The situation with traffic is what it is. How we see the situation becomes our experience of the situation. 

What is needed are tools to help us move from being frustrated by circumstances to seeing the situation we find ourselves in from a larger, broader view. 

This journey is simple, yet not easy; it requires self-examination, yet is neither destructive nor harmful. It is healing and uplifting without drama or special effects. The good news is that the capacity for happiness, health and harmony is available to us - the even better news is that while there is nothing "out there" that can do it for us, there are tools and other individuals we can join on this journey.

Metapsychiatry points out that the suffering we experience in life is a result, not of a cruel "God," nor of a random universe, nor of some fault or irreparable damage within ourselves, but of the mental climate we are living in. "Life" did not create the idea of how the situation "should" be nor did "life" set up the expectation of how it should turn out. These ideas and expectations come from cultural and social conditioning. They come from the "sea of mental garbage" every individual is subjected to. We are not to blame for this, but we have been influenced by it and, if we would like to be healthy and happy it is our task to wake up from it.

If a fish is born and raised in polluted water, the pollution will influence the physical condition of the fish - yet the essential nature of the fish is not polluted. If the fish finds itself in unpolluted water it will self-heal toward its essential nature.

Metapsychiatry provides tools to wake up from the unhealthy mental climate we may be living in and presents healing ideas to help us see the essential nature of life - the good of life.

The basic principle of Metapsychiatry is that Life is good. Life is the unfolding of all that is good within a context of Love and Intelligence.  Consider the essential force of a living tree.  The underlying intention of the life of the tree is only good. The life force of the tree is for the full blossoming of every part of the tree at every stage of growth, regardless of the environmental conditions that may influence the tree. The same is true about the underlying force of life that constitutes who we are.  It is possible to become aware of the underlying good of the force of life that animates us. The more aware we are of this underlying force, the more it expresses itself through our lives with inspired direction

It is possible to wake up from the dream of life that is filled with difficulties, disease, terror and destruction and live in harmony with the essential good of life itself.