In the process of meditation we clear away the debris of materialism so that we may receive the healing message.

-Dr. Hora, Self-Transcendence

 The “healing message” is that life is good. Our basic essence is joyous, free, responsive, loving and intelligent. We don’t see it. The “debris of materialism” makes it seem that we are independent physical entities, here all alone. We become like leaves thinking we are independent of the tree, the source without whom we would not be. 

As we study, pray and meditate, every moment a little bit of understanding reaches our consciousness, and at that moment we are awake. If we cherish these moments and would like to be awake a little longer, we could contemplate perfect love.

-Dr. Hora, Self-Transcendence

Often the idea of being “awake” refers to being alert to the physical circumstances we find ourselves in as opposed to, say, daydreaming.  In the above passage being “awake” is broadened to not just to our physical surroundings but to the infinite circumstance we find ourselves in. In the broadest context we are an infinite consciousness appreciating and expressing, moment to moment, the quality of pure love.

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