New Year "Purpose of Your Life" Special

Carol Adrienne, author of "The Purpose Of Your Life," asked me to be part of her January "New Year" opportunity for readers of her web/blog site: Carol Adrienne You are welcome to take advantage of the January Special, as copied below.

WHO: NANCY ROSANOFF is the author of The Intuition Workout. From 2001-2008 she hosted and produced the television talk show: The Listening Place, where she interviewed over 250 individuals about their spiritual life and philosophy. WHAT: During January, Nancy is offering a 45-minute consultation, in which she applies the insights of meta-psychiatry (developed by reknowned Dr. Thomas Hora) to your current life question--for only $50. WHAT: Nancy's approach to your situation helps reveal the “meta view” of whatever difficulty, decision, or issue you are facing. The “meta view” involves discerning the difference between what seems to be happening and what really is. WHY: Nancy shows you how to see if you are stuck in the six "futile questions" (such as, "Why is this happening?") She helps you begin to clear away obstacles by shifting attention to purpose, meaning and the intuitive next step. HOW: Visit her web/blog site to find out more about her and her work: and email her