What is Prayer?

We can define prayer as an endeavor to behold what is real. It is an endeavor to connect with reality. What does this have to do with psychotherapy and healing? If we have reverence for truth and we appreciate spiritual values, then our life becomes a prayer. Life is then lived in the consciousness of what is true, beautiful, and good.

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Is It Ever Good To Obey?

The word “obedience” tends to elicit negative reactions, because of the connotation of human tyranny and childhood coercive experiences. But the obedience we are talking about here refers to the willingness to listen to and to be governed by impartations of Divine Mind, coming to us moment by moment.

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Existential Validation in Everyday Life

"In what way does a certain idea contribute to the improvement of the quality of our lives? Does it heal us? Does it liberate us? Does it bring harmony into our lives? Does it contribute to a sense of peace, assurance? Does it fill us with a sense of gratitude? Does it inspire us with wisdom and love? Does it make it possible for us to find the answers we need to the problems of daily living? If what we are learning has this effect, then it must be existentially valid.

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To study means “to learn.” Before one can begin to understand Metapsychiatry one needs to expose themselves to the ideas of Metapsychiatry.  Here are the options to get started:

-Read the books and booklets: Two good booklets to begin with are: The Sounless Music of Life and Forgiveness – but if you are drawn to another booklet or book, by all means, begin there.

-Listen to audio recordings of classes and dialogues with Dr. Hora: The first three on the home page of Audio Recordings cover some of the core ideas of Metapsychiatry.

-Watch the video recording of Dr. Hora and the 60 minute documentary on Metapsychiatry.

If after being exposed to the ideas you are drawn to hear, read and see more – this study may be just right for you.  If you are drawn and have questions or concerns – make an appointment with a Metapsychiatry Counselor to see if your questions and concerns can be answered. 

For more on the process of understanding read more here. . .

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Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance looks for the answers to life’s difficulties beyond superficial cures and coping mechanisms to understanding something about who we really are and what life is all about.

All problems are psychological and all solutions are spiritual.

-Dr. Thomas Hora

Problems cannot be solved from within the mindset that is experiencing the problem. Any good solution needs to come from a larger, wider, more elevated view of the situation.

Metapsychiatry is a method of spiritual guidance. It begins with the premise that we are spiritual beings capable of transcending the human condition we find ourselves in. In other words, we have the capacity to see our situation from a larger perspective.

The larger view of any situation can open us to the wisdom necessary to see our problems with the awareness of the transcendent self. Just as looking at a map can provide the larger view needed to guide the way when traveling in unfamiliar territory.

A Metapsychiatrically oriented spiritual guide is a committed and well-seasoned fellow journeyer on the path of truth realization. The dialogue between seeker and guide is a joint endeavor in the search for what is true, meaningful and helpful regarding the issues and questions brought to the meeting by the seeker.